J.D. Partners

Our Services:

Facility Analysis

J.D. Partners, Chartered counsels clients as to current and future space needs. Our firm meets with client's key personnel to analyze present facility requirements and projected future needs and to solicit their suggestions and ideas. An assessment of the client's growth projections, budget considerations, traffic volume and the desire for accessibility and visibility is made. Realizing the importance of an appropriate work facility, a complete inventory of client's current and future space requirements is executed by our professionals before our recommendation is presented.

Conduct Complete Market Research

J.D. Partners, Chartered analyzes a client's space needs and conducts a thorough search, according to predefined parameters. We examine all available leases and subleases that will be capable of accommodating our client's needs. Our professionals carefully review all possible alternatives to determine which options will best fit our client's space needs. Our firm inspects appropriate facilities and ascertains the prime locations for the client's company. Only then do we require some of our client's time to discuss options. The goal of J.D. Partners is to relieve clients of the burden of searching for space so they can focus on their business and keep interruptions to a minimum.

Current Lease Review and Renegotiation

J.D. Partners, Chartered evaluates the current lease to determine if savings are possible based upon current market values. Our professionals vigorously represent our clients in striving to effect lower lease rates, expanded space or obtain rent concessions through lease renegotiation. Our experience and expertise in current market trends allow us the unique ability to renegotiate more favorable terms for our clients.

Space Design

J.D. Partners, Chartered advises its clients as to their most effective use of office space for maximum efficiency. Our space planners evaluate each selected facility to determine if interior traffic patterns will be functional for the client's business. Through our experience, we have found that an efficient space plan design allows our client to budget more accurately for construction.

Build to Suit Analysis

J.D. Partners' comprehensive analysis of land site alternatives and its building and design specification process, combined with the competitive bidding procedure guarantees, in both a timely and cost-competitive fashion, a building that is unique to the client's needs.
The staff at J.D. Partners, Chartered understands the importance and value of financing alternatives. By "shopping" the lender's market for the clients, our professionals provide up-to-date information on available financing. Consequently, we provide our client with a broad range of alternatives from which to choose to best finance the project.

Negotiate a Competitive Lease

J.D. Partners, Chartered represents our client, the commercial tenant, solely. Our company presents aggressive proposals for each potential facility with the interest of our client at the forefront. J.D. Partners, Chartered analyzes all responses and compares them before presenting our findings to the client. Our professionals consider items such as rent schedules, flexibility of the lease, size, proximity to ideal location, options to expand, cost of the move, etc. in their analysis. J.D. Partners, Chartered, reviews the lease with the client's attorney to assure there will be no problems during the term of the new lease.

Purchase of Buildings

J.D. Partners, Chartered will assist our clients in all aspects of building purchases. This will include site selection, price negotiation, and the arranging of financing. Also we can assist in finding a contractor to provide any buildout needed.

Nationwide Network

J.D. Partners, Chartered utilizes a nationwide network to assist our clients in site selection throughout the country. This network helps insure consistent quality in all transactions no matter wherethey may be.

Refine Space Plans

J.D. Partners, Chartered identifies all supplementary items (finishes, computer wiring, electrical and phone outlets, etc.) for its clients to insure complete coverage of all details.


J.D. PARTNERS, CHARTERED is familiar with all types of facilities including Office, Retail, Warehouse, Medical, Manufacturing, High-Tech and Condos.